Christopher Geier

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Christopher Geier
Full Name: Christopher Geier
Occupation: Soldier
Crimes: Rape
Attempted murder

Christopher Geier was a rapist and murderer from California, where he was a US Army soldier.

On November 15, 1990 Geir raped and murdered fellow soldier Erin Tynan, 21, in her home and stole a gun from her. He strangled her and, after her death, made a careful stab wound to her neck to make absolutely certain she was deceased. He initially evaded suspicion for this crime.

He was caught after murdering Curtis Dean after being hired by a man named Jeffrey Hunter, who was a tank commander. Dean was found with a very similar knife wound to that sustained by Tynan. Geir confessed to being Dean's killer but denied involvement in the Tynan case, however forensic investigations revealed the knife in both cases was similar and may have been the same one, while DNA and hair evidence at the Tynan murder scene matched Geir.

Forensics also linked Geier to the attempted murder of a mother in Louisiana who survived a shot to the face; the gun jammed when her would-be killer tried to fire it again. The gun was found to be Tynan's weapon, which she had planned to sell as it was prone to jamming.

Geir was sentenced to death on July 21, 1995. He remained on death row until his death following a collapse in August 2017 at the age of 49. Co-accused Hunter received life in prison for Dean's murder.