Christine Sanchez

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Christine Rose Sanchez is a villainess who murdered her three roommates in 2017.

Though it was not revealed how long Christine Sanchez lived with Natasha Henry and her two other roommates, but it was uncovered that on the night in question, December 22, 2017, Christine was planning to evict them from her home. That same evening, Christine turned heel and shot her roommates to death during an argument, and fled the scene right before police arrived.

Christine was found just a few blocks away and arrested for the murders. Regarding a motive, Christine claimed that her roommates didn't respect her and her property, and there was an additional claim that they were breaking into the house. Christine's past revealed that she had a past murder charge in 2014, as she was accused of shooting and stabbing a woman named Bonnie Rice over a dispute regarding Rice's car, though the charges were dismissed. Prosecutors are seeking the death penalty during Christine's trial.