Christa Pike

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Christa Gail Pike (b. March 10, 1976) is the youngest woman to be sentenced to death in the United States

Pike was very jealous of a student, Colleen Slemmer, 19. She believed that Slemmer was trying to steal her boyfriend. Although Slemmer's friends denied the accusation Pike took revenge on her. Together with his 18-year-old friend Shadolla Peterson, Pike cheated on Slemmer leaving the field of the University of Tennessee.

On January 12, 1995: Pike, Shipp, Peterson, and Slemmer escaped out of the bedroom and accessed the forest, where they took Slemmer to offer him his pot. Upon arrival at the location, Slemmer was attacked by Pike and Shipp while Peterson acted watching. He suffered 45 minutes of torture until, finally, Pike broke Slemmer's skull with a large piece of asphalt pavement, killing him. Pike kept a fragment of his victim's skull as a "trophy."

Pike began to show the skull piece around the school field and, after 36 hours, was arrested. The suspect's rooms were checked and a satanic bible was found in Shipp's room. Pike insisted they tried to scare her and the situation got out of control.