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John William Money was a New Zealand American psychologist, sexologist and author specializing in research into sexual identity and biology of gender. He was one of the first researchers to publish theories on the influence of societal constructs of "gender" on individual formation of gender identity.

His patient, David Reimer (formerly Bruce, and Brenda), has been a subject of Dr. Money's experiment. When David was a infant, he and his brother has problem urinating due to phimosis. When the boys are 7 months old, his parents Janet and Ronald Reimer took them to get circumcised in order to fix the problem. But the parents didn't know was that the doctor in charge of the circumcision was using a method of cauterization (a burning technique instead of a traditional blade). During the procedure, David's penis was burnt off by accident. His parents were devastated by this, and after hearing about his son's accident, they decided against having his brother Brian circumcised, who's phimosis cleared on his own. While questioning whether or not their son would be happy as a male with no penis, their mother saw a interview with Dr. Money, and because of it, they contacted him and told him of their situation.

There is a lot of controversies over Dr. Money for years, such as when David and his brother were 7 years old, the boys started to subjected to more sexualized experiments, like being asked what the differences are between boys and girls. And taught the sexual roles played by men and women. The doctor would make them role-play the position themselves like Brian's standing behind his brother, and leaning his crotch against his brother's behind. He would also forced the boys to inspect each other's genitals. On one occasion, he had the children undress and took nude photographs of them. If the children did not do as asked, the doctor would tell at them to the point where they thought they would be struck. The children did not like the sessions with the doctor, but they didn't tell their parents what was going on. When David and his brother are teenagers, they told their parents what was going on. Because of it, they told their sons individually the truth. David was relieved by this, but his brother was shock in disbelief. David (which was Brenda at that point), had come through a transgender operation to make a male again, and started a new life, until he heard that the doctor was informing people that David wanting to be a girl is a success. This cause David to get a hold of his brother, so they can speak out against the doctor, in the hopes to keeping other children to go through like he did.

Dr. Money passed away in 2006.