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Charlie Green
Full Name: Charles Marvin "Charlie" Green III
Alias: Charlie Chill
Origin: The Angry Grandpa Show
Occupation: Older brother of Michael Green


Skills: Unknown
Hobby: Abusing his family members

Doing drugs

Goals: Become rich on YouTube
Crimes: Domestic abuse

Child abuse
Hit and Run
Drug possession
Attempted murder
Property damage

Type of Villain: Abusive Son

Hope you're happy boy, I hope you're happy. How does it feel to be the most hated person in this family? And there's a lot to this family.
~ Angry Grandpa's quote to Charlie Green while disowning him.

Charles Marvin "Charlie" Green III (born December 2nd, 1982) is the main antagonist from The Angry Grandpa Show. He is the disowned son of Charles Green (also known as Angry Grandpa) and the older brother of Michael, Kimberly and Jennifer. He also had his own YouTube channel known as Charlie Chill.

He is played by his real life counterpart of the same name.


After beginning to live with his father after being released from prison when he failed to pay child support, he started to give alcohol and marijuana to his nephew Jacob whom he later punched. During one thanksgiving, he threatened JC with violence if he didn't take the marijuana. He also broke the nose of another one of his nephews by slamming him through a door. The incident with Jacob promoted his father to kick him out of the house. Michael Green (also known as KidBehindACamera who is Angry Grandpa's younger son and brother of Charlie) decided to have Charlie to move in his pool house after massive fan demanded to not to let Charlie move out, although Michael later admitted he knew something bad was going to happen.

On June 29th, 2017, Charlie got high on acid and drunk in which he uploaded porn to YouTube (which was later taken down), then did evil things such as stripping naked, tearing the pool house apart, running around the yard and burning one of his fingers with a blowtorch. One of Charlie's friends at the time, Chris called Michael and Angry Grandpa and told them what was happening. When Michael tried to talk to Charlie, he tried to attack him. His sister Jennifer called the police and when they got there, Charlie believed the police to be another YouTuber that he was angry with Hagyrants. The police took him to the hospital after a huge argument between him and Michael. The police told Michael that he couldn't press charges since he allowed his brother in his home and afterwards Charlie later left the hospital and went back to Michael's house. There, he punched Bridgette West (Michael's girlfriend) twice in the face and threatened Michael with a shard of glass when an enraged Michael came running towards at him to beat him up for hitting Bridgette. Michael and Bridgette fled back into the house so they could call the cops. When the police arrived, Charlie told the police that Michael was responsible for causing all the damage to the pool house, but it was the same police who arrived to take Charlie to the hospital and accidentally confessed to hitting Bridgette. This time the police arrested Charlie. Michael announced that Charlie will never appear on his or his father's videos ever again after what happened tonight.

Charlie had made false accusations against his father by calling him a pedophile, Bridgette by calling her an incestuous and closeted lesbian, and by claiming that Michael has sex with his dogs and that Bridgette had sex with her cousins. All this happened when Michael, who felt bad about Charlie, tried to get him a place to stay. It wasn't until Kim (one of Angry Grandpa's daughters) told everybody on Twitter that Charlie and one of his friends tried to rape her when she was nine years old. Charlie later admitted to the accusations claiming Kim "wanted it". Later on, Jennifer tearfully admitted to her dad that Charlie raped her when she was ten years old. This development broke Charles' heart, stating that Charlie is disowned by the Green family.

Charlie claims to be getting help for his drug addiction and has tried to gain Michael's trust again but has made threats against a YouTuber named Isaac (BeOurGuest) and his family by making horrific threats towards his wife and children, along with threatening to attack the latter. Charlie has also insulted his father by saying that he will shit on his grave after he dies. Michael on Twitter announced he is done with Charlie and considers Isaac a real brother to him.


  • Following the revelations that he raped his sisters, Charles' (Angry Grandpa) health has gotten worse. After collapsing at Michael's July 4th party, it was revealed that Charles had Cirrhosis on his liver. On October 31st, 2017, Angry Grandpa was hospitalized again suffering from a build up of ammonia in his body, as a result of his cirrhosis.
  • On December 10th, 2017, Charles Green Jr. (Angry Grandpa) died at his home at the age of 67.
  • According to Isaac, in 2013, Charlie made insults and disrespected Bridgette to the point where Michael punched him, leaving him with a bloody nose as he ran back to his car.
  • On October 30th, 2017, YouTube took down his YouTube channel after another incident of him uploading pornographic videos. He has since created another one, known as Charlie Travels.
    • The channel was taken down on after he makes threats to murder Michael.
  • On two separate occasions, Isaac came down to Charlie's temporary residence. The first time was around July 2017 after the LSD Incident, when he came up to Charlie's hotel room and told him to come out. Charlie instead backed out, calling the police. On November 4th, 2017, Isaac came to South Carolina to confront Charlie, this time face to face. Charlie fled into the hotel after taunting Isaac where he again backed out and later called the police. He was later ejected from the hotel he was staying at.
  • All throughout 2018, Charlie has made 3 YouTube Channels that got terminated due to violating terms and services, Even Community Guidelines. After his channel "The Side Project" was terminated, he didn't make anymore channels since then until his debut on Twitch and his website that both got removed.
  • On August 28th, 2018, Charlie was banned from Twitch following a live stream that involved him threatening to kill Michael (his brother) as well as flashing his private parts to an underage unit watching the stream.
  • He is a metalhead his favorite bands include: Sepultura, Pantera, and Tool.