Charles "Andy" Williams

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Charles "Andy" Williams
Charles Andy Williams.jpg
Full Name: Charles Andrew Williams
Alias: Andy
Origin: Santee, California, United States of America
Occupation: Student (formerly)
Goals: Kill everyone at Santana High School (failed)
Crimes: Murder
Type of Villain: School Shooter

Charles Andrew "Andy" Williams was a American teenager known for committing the Santana High School shooting.


  • Bryan Zuckor, 14
  • Randy Gordon, 17

The Shooting

On Monday March 5th, 2001; Andy entered the boys restroom with a .22 Caliber revolver, and shot and killed 14 year old Bryan Zuckor. He then went outside the bathroom and shot at a random group of students and staff outside the school, killing 17-year-old Randy Gordon. He then went back into the restroom where campus security supervisor Peter Ruiz followed Andy to stop him, but Andy shot Ruiz five times injuring him. After being cornered by police Andy surrendered.

Early Life

Charles Andrew Williams was born on February 8th, 1986 in Frederick, Maryland to parents Linda and Jeff Williams, who divorced in the summer of 2000. Jeff attained custody of Charles, and the two moved to California in the fall of that same year.


Upon attending Santana High School in Santana, California, Charles endured bullying by his peers and sought acceptance in a group of skateboarders, who would also occasionally tease him. Williams also attempted to confide in the school counselor about his problems, but was rejected and ordered to return to class, as the counselor's office was occupied at the time. The repeated bullying and abuse began to severely impact Williams's mental health, and friends report that Williams would often express that he did not want to live. Upon vocalizing his suicidal thoughts, Charles was met with more bullying. Abuse directed at Charles was not exclusive to fellow students. On the Friday before the attack, Williams was humiliated by his drama teacher during an acting exercise.

According to friends, Williams exclaimed on multiple occasions that he planned to "pull a Columbine". These vocalizations were never reported to the school. Additionally, Williams had informed his friends of the upcoming attack, along with how he intended to carry out the massacre. These friends were advised to leave the school.