Chao Yuan-He

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</image> <label>Real Name</label> <label>Other Names</label> <label>Car used</label> <label>Weapon used</label> <label>Born</label> <label>Born of Place</label> <label>Death</label> <label>Death of Place</label> <label>Cause of Death</label> <label>Fate</label> <label>Allies</label> <label>Enemies</label> <label>First Quotes</label> <label>Last Quotes</label> </infobox> Chao Yuan-He also known as David, is a gun runner, conman, thief currently residing in the Philippines.


Chao Yuan-He was originally a scoundrel and small time gangster from Taiwan. In May 2015 he was caught at Mactan-Cebu International Aiport in the Philippines for attempting to smuggle firearms on his flight to Manila. When his luggage went through the X-ray machine for inspection, security officers opened Chao’s luggage and found a miniature seaplane. Airport Engineering Division further examined the miniature plane and cut it open. They found guns hidden inside it, an Ingram sub-machine pistol, a 9mm pistol, a black widow pistol and three magazines.

Chao was detained at the Lapu-Lapu City City Police Office pending the filing of illegal possession of firearms charges against him.[1] According to later source he served one year in prison in the Philippines.

After his release from prison, Chao resided in the Philippines. He is married to his wife Jessca Ola since 2017 and has 2 daughters and a son.[2]

Chao has became a conman and fraudster since his smuggling days are over. He has been using his identity as a former gunrunner to deceit people online, claiming that he still sell and smuggle guns for clients overseas. After receiving payment or money deposit from them, he blocks his contacts. He is using fraud and deceptive ways to earn his living for feeding his children and wife in the Philippines.