Chamán Chacra

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Chamán Chacra
Full Name: Víctor Alexander Portorreal Mendoza
Alias: Chamán Chacra

El Metálico

La Greña

Origin: Dominican Republic
Occupation: Harley Davidson mechanical
Skills: Motorcycle Mechanical skills
Hobby: Raping his step-daughters and hiding proofs
Goals: Hide his crime (Failed)
Crimes: Rape (Pre and post mortem)


Type of Villain: Psychotic Murderer

Víctor Alexander Portorreal Mendoza (Better nicknamed as Chamán Chacra, El Metálico or La Greña) is a Dominican man imprisioned of the murder of his wife Reyna Isabel Encarnación and his step-sons Angela, Daniela and Rahamín Bodden Encarnación.


His father left in very early age and raised by her mother. At some moment of hes teenage, he was interesed in heavy metal music and Satanism.

2 years before the murder, he know Reyna and eventually fell in love and married later.


Eventually, he fell in sexual obsession with his step daughter Angela and Daniela, raping them. He nicknamed Angela ´´Mi ñoñita´´. Reyna learned about it, but she can´t frame him because the fear.

In the night of Febraury 9th of 2018, he strangled Reyna with a tie, later stabbed her. After, he strangled to death and raped his step-daughter. Later, taked Rahamin and walked the streets with him and later kill him in the night.

Afterwards, he remained normal alike never happened something. He planned commit suicide, but later declined and was easily arrested.

He was senteced to 30 years in San Pedro de Macoris Prision.