Chai Vang

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Chai Vang
Full Name: Chai Soua Vang
Origin: Laos
Occupation: Truck Driver
Hobby: Hunting
Crimes: Mass Murder
Type of Villain: Mass Murderer

Chai Vang (September 24, 1968-) is a Hmong-American mass murderer who killed 6 people and injured 2 during a hunting trip in Birchwood, Wisconsin

Before the shooting

In his early life, his dad served in a secret war which was funded and organized by the CIA. It recruited Hmong's in Laos to disrupt routes to Vietnam during the Vietnam War, after the U.S withdrew in 1972 Chai and his family managed to escape a genocide. In 1980, him and his siblings relocated to California and Chai moved to Sacramento and enlisted in the California National Guard from 1989 to 1995. In 2000, he moved to Minneapolis, Minnesota but a few years later he moved to St. Paul and would later become the father of 6 kids and a hunting enthusiast.

The shooting

Chai went deer hunting with his 2 friends and their sons in northwest Wisconsin where deer hunting is extremely popular.

On November 21, a hunting party of 15 people took place in a cabin on private land, co-owner Terry Willers noticed Chai in a hunting stand near the cabin and radioed to ask if he was allowed to be there. After being told no, Terry confronted Chai telling him to leave, he apologized and headed south towards a trail in a forested area of the property. Guests inside the cabin got on their ATV's and went after Chai confronting him, during the confrontation he snapped and fired at them with a Saiga Rifle, one of the wounded later died in the hospital. Chai fled the scene on foot leaving ammo behind, he later came across a hunter (who didn't know about the shooting) and he drove him to his cabin, Chai was arrested 5 hours later when he returned to his cabin and was transported to the Sawyer County Jail which his bond was at $2,500,000.


On September 16, 2005. Chai was found guilty of all 6 charges of 1st degree intentional homicide and 3 charges of attempted homicide by a jury. A month later on November 8, 2005 he was sentenced to 6 consecutive life terms plus 20 years without parole.


  1. Robert Crotteau, 42
  2. Joey, Crotteau, 20
  3. Alan Lanski, 43
  4. Mark Roidt, 28
  5. Jessica Willers, 27
  6. Denny Drew, 55