Celisa Henning

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Celisa Henning (December 31, 1975 - August 28, 2017) was a villainess who killed her twin daughters as part of a murder-suicide in 2017.

Celisa Henning was born Celisa Kay Lundborg on New Year's Eve 1975, and she married Steven Henning in 2009, with the marriage resulting in the birth of twins Makayla and Addison on October 4, 2011. According to a friend of Celisa's, however, she had battled depression long before her marriage to Steven, and her mental stability worsened after she was the victim of an auto accident that left her badly injured.

The accident occurred in 2015, and it was on August 11, 2017 that Celisa filed a civil lawsuit against the woman who caused the crash, which remained in her mind in her final weeks. On August 28, just over two weeks later, Celisa turned heel and shot both of her five-year-old twin daughters to death, firing multiple headshots at the girls before the villainous Celisa fatally shot herself in her own head. Two days after all three were discovered, a suicide note was found inside the Joliet, Illinois home, though its contents weren't revealed.