Mauricio and Cathy Torres

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Mauricio and Cathy Torres
Fullname: Mauricio Alejandro Torres
Cathy Torres
Alias: Bio Dad
Bio Mum
Origin: America
Occupation: Convicted felons
Goals: Abuse their son Isiah as much as possible (succeeded to the point of his death)
Crimes: Child abuse

Capital murder

Type of Villains: Abusive parents

Mauricio and Cathy Torres are two American parents who killed their son by sodomising him with a stick during a camping trip in 2015.


The Torres family was a seemingly happy family with two children; a twelve-year-old unnamed daughter and six-year-old Maurice, aka Isiah. However, in reality they were quite possibly one of the most abusive families in history. According to their daughter's testimony, her parents (who she called "Bio Mum" and "Bio Dad") never celebrated Isiah's birthday or gave him Christmas presents. Instead, they kept him locked in a cage like an animal fed him only rice and beans. They also beat him with sticks, shoes and cables, and she was sometimes forced to join in with the abuse because she would be beaten if she refused. She was also forced to stand guard outside his cage in case he tried to get out for food. Mauricio apparently pulled his teeth out with pliers.

In 2015, the two of them were finally arrested after Mauricio killed Isiah by sodomizing him with a stick after he ate a piece of cake without permission. Cathy was tried and given life without parole in return for her testimony against Mauricio. As for him, he tried to blame Cathy but got sentenced to death. On appeal, he got a mistrial declared and will stand trial again, charged with capital murder and battery. If convicted, he will likely face the death penalty.