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I believe that God made the white man out of better clay than that which the Negro was made from. I have never believed the Negro to be the equal of the white man, and I never will.
~ Benjamin Tillman

These villains believe in the concept of a "master race" or trait that is destined to rule over other races, or that a certain race, or person with certain traits is better than others. Though this belief in racial supremacy has always been around, the concept of a "master race" was made infamous by the Nazi Party. Followers of the White Power Movement are the most common supremacists, but other supremacist movements exist as well, such as black supremacy, radical feminism, and Hutu Power.

Supremacists should not be confused with Social Darwinists, who believe in "survival of the strong", and thus, are not picky when it comes to race and ethnicity. However, a number of Supremacists believe that their race is "the fittest", so the two categories often go hand-in-hand with one another, though not always.


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