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When the bell began to toll for Hitler's Germany it began to toll for Mussolini's Italy, and as the summer of 1943 came the Italian leader heard it. But there was nothing he could do to escape his fate. By then he was a prisoner of Hitler.
~ William L. Shirer, talking about how Benito Mussolini transitioned to being Adolf Hitler's pawn.
Pawns are villains that are being manipulated by a major villain. Usually after the pawn is betrayed by the major villain, one of three things can happen. They are either killed, team up with the hero, or form their own faction. Sometimes the pawn is extremely important to the true villain or even more powerful, and merely killing the pawn can ruin the true villain's plans.

A pawn can take in several forms. Some villains, such as The Manson Family, were brainwashed into doing the bidding of a greater villain (in this case Charles Manson), while others, such as Reinhard Heydrich, knowingly serve and act as minions to a greater villain (Adolf Hitler in Heydrich's case). The expendable right-hand (e.g. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad) is another form. They villains that are high-ranking and believe that their boss (Ali Khamenei in Ahmadinejad's case) has a plan that involves them, but in truth they are simply puppets who are disposed of when the master has found someone better (Hassan Rouhani in the same case) for the job. The last case is the Fake Mastermind, who believe they are in control of everything and have planned it all, but they are actually doing someone else's bidding. An example of such is Philippe Pétain, who betrayed the allies to become the leader of Vichy France, which in fact a puppet government of the German Nazi Party.

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