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We criticize American politicians who are managing [the United States.] The Iranian nation is not against American people.
~ Ali Khamenei

Villains that, while they fight on the side of evil, still have honorable traits. As such, they usually treat their foes and followers with respect and demonstrate some extent of honesty or fair-play, they usually do not resort to cheating to succeed, and keep their end of a bargain that they promise to keep if they lose or if a hero does something they ask. They may uphold treaties fairly and never use dirty methods to defeat opponents. They generally boast of being principled and would never lower themselves in front of their adversaries, blaming them for their wrongdoings and denouncing them.

This type of villain is the very opposite of a Cheater. However, although uncommon, it is possible for a villain to be both if they cheat but also display some noble traits.

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