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Behind his grinning face was the mind of a calculating monster.
~ Introduction to a documentary about Idi Amin Dada.

Faux Affably Evil is a term referring to villains who, at a glance, are similar to those who are the Affably Evil type, but with a lack of sincerity to their affable and sympathetic nature. Unlike Affable villains, their nice behavior and manners are only a tool they use to manipulate people around them. In some occasions, these villains are actually sarcastic and their false facade is completely obvious.

These individuals tend to commit much more atrocious crimes then their genuinely affable counterparts, because they lack their standards. Most mass murderers, serial killers and rapists fall under this category, although there are rare exceptions.

Despite this, they can actually still be remorseful if they show some genuine regrets at one point (usually under heavy stress), while maintaining a false facade of politeness.

To resume, any villain that appears well-mannered but actually doesn't feel empathy and is willing to commit atrocious acts fall under this category. An “affable” villain may also fall under this category if it is revealed that they're far more horrible than they seemed to be.

Just because a criminal is once or twice “nice” (usually in front of a court) doesn't make said criminal Faux Affably Evil. Faux Affable villains must have be faking gentleness and generosity in order to qualify.


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