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He took the rifle and shot both of his parents, who were sleeping in the master bedroom. Then he shot his younger brothers - both of them. And then he went into an adjacent bedroom and shot his sister. And then he went up to the third-floor bedroom and shot his other sister.
~ Attorney William Weber recounts how Ronald DeFeo, Jr. murdered his entire family.

Villains who have committed crimes against members of their own families, either directly or indirectly (through manipulation or by hiring someone else). They are often considered especially vile and irredeemable people since they harm their closest people, which is in itself a form of betrayal.

Most of them are abusers who beat, torture and/or rape their family members (usually the wives and children, although female abusers who harm their husbands exist as well). These villains can appear quite gentle and open with others while being completely monstrous with their significant ones.

Some of these villains may also murder some of their family members, usually in order to enact vengeance, if not outright destroy their whole families in a spree-shooting rampage. Individuals who kill their whole families are often motivated by insanity.

Some of these villains can actually be amoral as their evil deeds against their own families stem from their own (twisted) education or cultural habits.


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