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All I ever wanted was happiness. I never got it. Why do other people get to be happy and not me?
~ Dylan Klebold showing envy towards people who are happy with their lives.
Villains who are motivated (at least partially) by envy. They are normally portrayed as jealous rivals and envious of something the Hero possess that they lack, be it a physical possession or something abstract such as success, popularity, love, wealth, power or something else entirely. Envy is a common motivation for villains even to the point of obsession. It is also, fittingly, one of the Seven Deadly Sins, and is in fact considered to be second only to Pride in severity. On the other hand, Envious villains can also be Tragic Villains in that they are people who genuinely have very little or constantly fail at there goals, all the while being forced to spend their lives constantly confronted by others wealth and success.

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