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He slaughtered thousands of innocent Ugandans in a campaign of ethnic cleansing and executed his enemies live on television. He mutilated his wife and murdered his ministers keeping their heads in his fridge as a warning to others. He ordered his secret police to torture and kill while Amin kept the pictures for his own sick amusement.
~ Introduction to a Discovery Channel documentary about Idi Amin Dada.
Barbarians are savage and untamed villains. They are often cruel, dangerous and bloodthirsty. Although stereotypically strong, they do not have to be strong to qualify: in fact, even a weakling can be a barbarian, if they have committed atrocious acts from their own, usually on much weaker people (such as children). Some Barbarians may be cowards if they face too much opposition.

While most Barbarians are portrayed as brainless maniacs, there are also exceptions where these villains can be very smart, and at times even be masterminds.

Barbarians often group mass murderers, terrorists and warlords. Some killers or rapists may fall under this category if they are exceptionnaly brutal.


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