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An "anti-villain" is the opposite of an "anti-hero"]. While an anti-hero is someone who fights on the side of the good guys or fights the good fight, but does so for selfish, aloof or personal reasons (often brought on by trauma in their past), an anti-villain is the opposite of that: they do heinous misdeeds or commit crimes but with noble, selfless, and understandable reasons behind them (also often brought on by trauma in their past). Either way, both anti-villains and anti-heroes are interchangeable and are morally neutral.

All in all, these types of villains are an interesting example of how a real life villain may appear. As they often have good intentions behind their bad deeds, expect them to be honorable, affable, tragic, or even remorseful about the harm they have done, and expect them to show that there are lines that they will never, under any circumstances, cross. However, just because they might have these traits, the opposite doesn't always necessarily have to be true, as there can be honorable, affable, tragic and/or remorseful villains, or villains with lines that even they would refuse to cross, who can be lacking of noble goals behind their misdeeds, and there are some anti-villains who can even still be faux affable, though the latter isn't always often true and most anti-villains are affable even to their enemies. What many anti-villains may show is that they are capable of switching sides from evil to good then back to evil and so on, and because of their sympathetic nature, are also capable of being redeemed, often by a morally good person who they genuinely care about, or the opposite: maybe the heroic person saw good in them and understood why they caused harm, and convinced them to finally become good guys or made them see the benefit in helping others.


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