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I killed the dogs. I hanged them, I slammed them - I killed them all. And I lost millions of dollars all over some fucking dogs.
~ Michael Vick, confessing to his involvement in a dogfighting ring.
Villains who torture or kill animals for fun, rather than eating them. Cruelty to animals is often considered especially heinous as animals are defenseless and unable to fight back (most of the time, at least.)

They are usually sociopathic, or people with conduct disorder. Many cruel roman emperors also enjoyed killing animals in the amphitheatre, leading to the lions being extinct in Europe. Also, many serial killers and mass murderers such as Charles Manson, Richard Speck, Ted Bundy, Stephen Paddock, Jim Jones, Jeffrey Dahmer, Devin Patrick Kelley, and Nikolas Cruz started out abusing animals before doing even worse things to people.


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