Cassidy Goodson

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Cassidy Goodson
Cassidy Goodson.png
Full Name: Cassidy Goodson
Goals: Hide her newborn son's body (failed)
Crimes: Murder
Tampering with a corpse
Type of Villain: Young Infant Murderer

Cassidy Goodson (born 1997) is a 14 year old girl who slaughtered her newborn son after giving birth in the toilet. She had hid her pregnancy from everyone and on September 19, 2012, gave birth in the toilet. She then took her son from the toilet and stabbed his chest with scissors. After checking his pulse and realized he was still breathing, she then proceeded to choke her son to death. Thereafter, she hid the corpse in a shoebox.

Three days later, her mom was going to do laundry then she smelled something really foul. Her mother opened up the shoebox and saw the dead baby, to which she contacted relatives, who called the police.

She had wanted to hide her pregnancy and had been willing to go to large extents as to wear baggy clothing. She kept her parents from knowing about her pregnancy.

Goodson in court

She agreed to serve 18 months for manslaughter in a plea deal.[1]