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Caracalla (Latin: Marcus Aurelius Severus Antoninus Augustus) was one of the cruelest rulers of  Ancient Rome.

Although he had many projects contributing to the roman society, notably the Baths of Caracalla, his misdeeds overwhelm the amount of good he did.

He murdered his own brother, Geta and his wife, as well as his followers, and claimed that his brother tried to killed him first, so he killed him in self defence. He also forbade his mother to shed a tear over that.

Once, the citizens of Alexandria mocked him with a public play satirising him. When Caracalla heard about it, he flew into a rage. Traveling with an army to Alexandria, the terrified citizens smothered him in luxury hoping to appease him. It appeared to be working, but turned out to be a trick; he invited the citizens to the city square and ordered his soliders to attack. Roughly 20,000 people were killed, and their city was burned and looted.

He was killed in 217 AD while urinating by the side of a road, by his personal guard Macrinus, who would become the next emperor.

Caracalla was also the cousin of the emperor Elagabalus.