Candace Muzny

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I think if you’re speaking to an American who is a customer of yours, and you know they’re not Vietnamese, it’s rude to talk to them in a language they don’t understand… She needs to get back to Vietnam. If she wants to live in America and serve Americans, she needs to speak the language they speak.”
~ Candace Muzny's defense of her xenophobic attack in January 2020

Candace Muzny (June 18, 1976 - February 17, 2020) was a former NASCAR driver turned villainess who committed a xenophobic assault at a nail salon in January 2020.

Candace Muzny's racing career began as early as 2005, and she had been sponsored by actress Sandra Bullock and her then-husband Jesse James. Regarding her personal life, Candace was once engaged to fellow racer Del Dalrymple until his sudden passing in 2007. She was also known for her glamour shots in her racing outfits, and it was indicated that she had retired from the racing scene some time in 2012.

On January 12, 2020, Candace was at Creative Nail getting a pedicure, which was performed by Tiffany Nguyen (one of the employees). According to a witness, Candice made comments about Bruce Lee to Tiffany (who was Vietnamese; Bruce Lee was Chinese), and after Tiffany and her co-worker (the witness) discussed (in Vietnamese) giving Candace the paycheck early, Candace turned heel by attacking Tiffany and screaming at both women to stop speaking in Vietnamese. She later took out a pocket knife and threatened to kill Tiffany and her family, after which police were called, which saw Candace attack an officer with the knife.

Following her arrest, Candace denied attacking TIffany, but doubled down on her xenophobic stance by stating that Tiffany should speak English while living in America, and should return to Vietnam if she doesn't. No trial date was announced, and on February 17, just a month later, Candace was found dead inside her home, with her death later labeled as an accidental drowning.