Candace Harbin

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Candace Rochelle Harbin (July 31, 1973 - August 23, 2019) was a villainess who abducted and later killed her six-year-old son as part of a murder-suicide.

Candace was the estranged wife of John Wiedemann, with their marriage resulting in the birth of their son, Ollie Wiedemann, some time in 2013. The couple split up and fought for custody of Ollie, with Candace being granted visitational rights. Her backstory revealed that she had struggled with mental issues, and that two of her past homes had burned down, though it was never confirmed if Candace committed the actions herself. Candace's visits were to be supervised, an agreement she was fighting against.

On Thursday, August 23, 2019, Candace was set to pick up Ollie from school, but instead, Candace turned heel and abducted Ollie, leading to John reporting the abduction and an Amber Alert being released. On the following evening, both Candace and Ollie were found dead inside the former's minivan at a parking garage in Waxahachie, Texas, with the revelation that after abducting her son on the previous day, the evil Candace killed Ollie and herself as part of a murder-suicide.