Caleb Fairley

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Caleb Fairley
Full Name: Caleb Fairley
Alias: N/A
Origin: Gulph Mills, Pennsylvania, United States
Occupation: Clothing store employee formerly
Skills: N/A
Hobby: N/A
Goals: N/A
Crimes: Murder, necrophilia, sexual assault attempted
Type of Villain: Murderer

Caleb Fairley born October 21st, 1973 is an American serial killer and necrophiliac. On September 10, 1995, Caleb Fairley was working a shift by himself at Your Kids and Mine, a family-owned children's clothing store in College-ville, Pennsylvania. Shortly before closing time, 29-year-old Lisa Marie Manderach and her 19 month old daughter Devon arrived at the store. Upon becoming aware that Lisa Manderach was the only customer present, Fairley locked the doors of the store. Fairley then proceeded to attempt to sexually assault Lisa Manderach. When Manderach resisted Fairley's attempts, Fairley became infuriated and strangled both Manderach and her daughter to death. Caleb Fairley then performed sexual intercourse with Lisa Manderach's corpse before fleeing the scene to attend an Electric Hellfire Club concert.