Bryan and David Freeman

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Bryan and David Freeman are the two brothers of the Freeman family who murdered their parents and 11-year old brother, Erik Freeman which took place in Salisbury Township, Lehigh County, Pennsylvania on February 26, 1995 along with their cousin, Nelson "Ben" Birdwell III. For several years the brothers had been embracing neo-Nazi culture, though this had escalated in the months before the killings, with them going so far as to tattoo Nazi slogans on their foreheads. At the time of the murders, Bryan was 17 years old and David was 16. Both brothers and their cousin were given life sentences without the possibility of parole, though none of the three were convicted in the murder of Erik Freeman. It was reported in 2014 that those sentences would be upheld, despite the recent Supreme Court ruling that mandatory life-without-parole sentences were unconstitutional for juveniles convicted of murder.