Bruce Greatbatch

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Bruce Greatbatch
Bruce Greatbatch.png
Full Name: Sir Bruce Greatbatch
Origin: United Kingdom
Occupation: British colonial Governor of the Seychelles (1969-1973)
Hobby: Dogs murder
Goals: Kill all the dogs of the Chagos Islands (successful)
Crimes: Cruelty to animals


Ethnic cleansing


Type of Villain: Animal killer

Sir Bruce Greatbatch was a British military and politician, Knight of the Victorian Royal Order, Knight of the Order of Saint Michael and Sint George, a member of the Order of the British Empire, and the British Colonial Governor of the Seychelles from 1969 to 1973.

He is infamous for his participation in the Expulsion of the Chagossians, where he was responsible for giving the order that all the dogs of the Chagos Islands should be killed, killing a total of 1000 dogs.

He also made racist comments, calling the Chagossians "unsophisticated" and "untrainable".