Bronius Urbanavicius

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Bronius Urbanavicius
Full Name: Bronius Urbanavicius
Alias: No information
Origin: Old Pasamine, Svencionys district
Occupation: Commander of Soviet partisan platoon.
Skills: No information
Hobby: No information
Goals: No information
Crimes: Treachery
Type of Villain: Traitor

Bronislovas (Bronius) Urbanavicius (March 27, 1918 in Old Pasamine, SvenCionys district - September 8, 1989 in Vilnius) - Commander of the Soviet partisan platoon. Biography

1940-1941 administrative employee in Vilnius. In the Red Army since 1941. summer. December of the same year. transferred to the formation of the 16th Lithuanian Division. He studied at the guerrilla bombers' school; In February 2002, he prepared groups for divers work there.

1943 April In 1944 he was transferred to the territory of Lithuania and led the Soviet guerrilla groups Vilnius and Kostas Kalinauskas (since 1944). Reports indicate that 37 German echelons were derailed under his command. 1944 approaching the Red Army, the guerrilla brigade pushed the Germans out of Ignalina. 1945 July 2 was awarded the title of hero of the Soviet Union for performing combat tasks in guerrilla squads in Lithuania and Belarus.

1944-1957 member of party, soviet, state, sports institutions in Vilnius. 1957 Graduated from Higher Party School under the CPSU Central Committee. 1947-1955 Member of the LSSR AT. Wrote a memoir book. Buried in Antakalnis military cemetery.