Brittany Pilkington

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Brittany Pilkington (born Brittany Cummins on January 27, 1992) is a villainess who murdered her three sons in a one-year span between 2014 and 2015.

Brittany's backstory revealed that her future husband, Joseph Pilkington, dated Brittany's mother, Lori Cummins, before engaging in a relationship with Brittany herself. Brittany became pregnant with her first child with Joe in 2009, when Brittany was only 17 years of age, and gave birth to a son--Gavin--in (approximately) mid-2010. The couple welcomed three more children: daughter Hailey (b. August 2011), and sons Niall (b. April 2014) and Noah (b. May 2015).

However, Brittany turned heel on July 22, 2014 by suddenly smothering three-month-old Niall to death; with Niall's death being categorized as "unexplained" by investigators. Less than a year later in April of 2015, the evil Brittany smothered four-year-old Gavin to death as well, and did the same to three-month-old Noah in August of that same year. After killing Noah, Brittany confessed to killing Noah and his two brothers to investigators, admitting that she killed her sons out of jealousy. In her confession, Brittany accused Joe of paying more attention to the boys than to herself and Hailey, though in another interview, Brittany also claimed that she was saving her sons from being abusers of women.

Brittany was set to stand trial sometime in 2020, but on November 19, 2019, the villainess pleaded guilty to the murders. She was sentenced to 37 years in prison.