Brittany Johnson

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Brittany Johnson
Peaches orange cockface.jpg
Full Name: Brittany Johnson
Alias: Brittany Johnson

Lovely Peaches

Origin: Louisiana, United States.
Occupation: Musician
Skills: Going online
Making songs
Hobby: Makes and does disgusting and weird stuff on social media. (formerly)
Make music
Goals: Kill her daughter Cora Miracle (possibly; failed)
Send someone to rape Charli D'amelio (failed)
Become famous (successful, but in a negative way)
Crimes: Pedophilia
Child Abuse
Domestic Abuse
Attempted Murder (possibly)
Illegal Hiring (possibly)
Human Trafficking
Animal Cruelty
Type of Villain: Sexual Predator

Brittany Johnson (also known as Lovely Peaches) (born January 4th, 2001) is a former Instagram and Tiktok user. As of July 2020, her Tiktok account was banned and As of August 2020, she deleted her Instagram account.


Abusing Her Daughter Cora

In 2019, her controversy began after she admitted to abusing her daughter Cora Miracle. She choked her, hit her multiple times, and even sold her to Human Trafficking. She went too far on the abuse to the point where she claimed to kill her when that wasn't true. On August 6th, an activist group named Children's riot has reported Cora has been rescued and will not be returned to her abusive mother. The Salvation Foundation also said they are working on taking down all of Brittany's Social Media accounts, so she can no longer have the platforms she was given. So far, her Tiktok account has been banned and her Instagram account was deleted. In July 2020, Peaches' father gave her a visitation to Peaches, which resulted in him also losing custody of Cora's care, it is soon to be revealed if Cora was given to Peaches' sister or put up for adoption. Right before she deleted her Instagram, she recorded a final video where she said she hated her daughter and admitting to the horrible abuse she inflicted on her.


She has been harassing users (especially famous celebrities) and even invaded their live streams and flashing herself to the hosts and viewers. She spammed Charli D'Amelio's live stream with weird comments about someone's sex tape and even sent her shocking threats in DM's, including telling her she hired a 30-year-old pedophile to rape her. Peaches have also stalked Malu Trevejo and claim to have broken into his home, and shared it in public. When Trevajo called her out, she played the victim card and asked why her "idol" would call her out like that. She also played the victim card on Charli D'Amelio.


  • Despite being banned on other social media, she has a youtube channel named "Lovelypeachesmusic 100" where she still posts content.
  • She somehow didn't get arrested yet, despite the crimes she committed.

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