Brian Robinson

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Brian Robinson (1962 - 2 September 1989) was an Irish loyalist and member of the Ulster Volunteer Force who was responsible for the Murder of Paddy McKenna in a Sectarian attack in Belfast in 1989. He was killed by British soldiers minutes after the killing.

Murder of Paddy McKenna

On 2 September 1989, McKenna and an accomplice were travelling on motorbike on Crumlin Road, Belfast, near the Irish nationalist-controlled area of Ardoyne. After seeing Paddy McKenna, a Catholic civilian, walking near the nationalist territory, Robinson opened fire, hitting him eleven times. However, a British military unit was nearby at the time, having been tipped off that Robinson was going to commit a shooting in the area, and pursued the motorbike, ramming it off the road. As Robinson lay on the ground, one of the soldiers shot him four times before he could reach his gun, killing him. He was buried alongside his mother Margaret, who had suffered a fatal heart attack after hearing of Robinson's death. The suspected informant, Colin "Crazy" Craig, was later shot and killed on Shankill Road by Irish National Liberation Army commander Gino Gallagher in retaliation for a campaign of violence against the INLA.