Brendan Rowan-Davies

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Brendan Rowan-Davies is a British man convicted of the brutal sexually motivated Murder of Kelly-Anne Case.


On July 30 2019, Case, Rowan-Davies and their friend Will Vallender were at Case's home, where they drank alcohol and took Cocaine. Rowan-Davies then made advances on Case, but she allegedly laughed at him, before going upstairs and having sex with Vallender. Soon after, Vallender and Rowan-Davies left together, but Rowan-Davies returned and tied up Case before mutilating and raping her. He then slit her throat and set the house on fire before leaving. After Case's body was found, Rowan-Davies was arrested, later admitting to the crime. His DNA was also found on various objects at the crime scene. On 4 January 2020, Rowan-Davies was sentenced to life in prison, with a chance of release in 30 years.