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Dahvie Vanity
Full Name: Jesus David Torres
Alias: Dahvie Vanity

The Elite Hair God

Origin: MySpace
Occupation: Hairstylist


Goals: To get away for his crimes (Succeeded, only for it to backfire on him)
Crimes: Underage sexual abuse
Type of Villain: Rapist

Don't flatter yourself. You don't offend me you fucking abortion.
~ Dahvie Vanity in a tweet

Jesus David Torres, also known as Dahvie Vanity and The Elite Hair God, is a former American musician who was the lead singer of the band "Blood On The Dance Floor". Before becoming a musician, he was popular on MySpace as "The Elite Hair God."

Since the group disbanded in 2016, Dahvine has been exposed as a sexual predator by several women, many of whom were underage at the time of the incidents. He was also responsible for the Jessi Slaughter memes in 2010, managing to hide the fact he raped her. He was successful with this until 2020, when he was investigated by Chris Hansen, whose interview with Jessi Slaughter/Damien Leonhardt caused a series of videos calling out Dahvie's crimes to be uploaded to YouTube.

Aside from the numerous girls he raped, Dahvie also nearly caused the death of his former bandmade Jay Vonn Monroe via preventing him from taking HIV medication.

Despite his horrific acts, Dahvie still has a fanbase on Facebook and Instagram, who defend his heinous crimes.


Blood On The Dance Floor

File:Blood On The Dance Floor.png
Dahvie (left) and Jayy (right).

In 2006, Jesus David Torres, also known as "Dahvie Vanity", started a trio called Love the Fashion with Christopher Mongillo and Rebecca Fugate. The group was originally nothing but a joke, which soon developed into Blood on the Dance Floor. He and Jayy Von Monroe would be part of the musical act for the next seven years, releasing six studio albums, ‘Epic’, ‘All the Rage!!’, ‘Evolution’, ‘Bad Blood’, ‘Bitchcraft’, and ‘Scissors’; three compilation albums, ‘The Revolution Pack’, ‘Blood Unplugged’, and ‘RIP 2006-2016’; and four extended plays, ‘Epic: The Remixes’, ‘Clubbed to Death’, ‘The Anthem of the Outcast’, and ‘Cruel Pornography’. After Jayy's departure from the group in 2016, Dahvie remained in the group, but remained it to "Kawaii Monster" and it has since become a clothing brand.

Blood on the Dance Floor always pushed the boundaries of sexual content, since its fanbase was mostly tweens and teenagers. In a video uploaded in 2012, Vanity can be heard telling the crowd, "You guys are better than sex. I just want to come on all of your little titties tonight." The band's lyrics also promote revenge porn and the sexual degradation and humiliation of women.

File:Oishi High School Battle dahvie.jpg
Jayy (left) and Dahvie (right) featured in the opening to "Oishi High School Battle".

In 2012, Blood on the Dance Floor preformed the theme song for "Oishi High School Battle", a series on the Smosh channel "Shut Up! Cartoons" about a demon-slaying high school student. Dahvie and Jayy made brief appearances in the show's theme song, and the Blood on the Dance Floor song "Scream For My Ice Cream" was also used in one of the show's episodes. Despite the show being one of the most successful cartoons on the channel, all episodes were seemingly out of nowhere deleted from the channel in 2018. Due to Dahvie's sex offences, it's likely that he was the cause behind the episodes being deleted.

In 2014, industrial band Combichrist removed Blood on the Dance Floor as their opening act, citing concerns over the group's "past behavior." Following HuffPo's initial report, online retailer Big Cartel ended its business with Vanity, though he appears to still sell merch via Shopify.

In April 2019, Billboard reported that Spotify pulled Blood on the Dance Floor's music for "violating its prohibited content guidelines," and not explicitly because of the allegations. While that remains the case for Blood on the Dance Floor's music, Vanity's new work under the name Kawaii Monster is available on Spotify.


Sexual Abuse

I would like very much to expose Dahvie Vanity and all of the bullshit he has done, When I was a fan of his back in 2012 I very much idolized him, I thought he was cute, funny, a great singer and nice to the fans. I genuinely thought this, Young BOTDF fans have no idea what their getting themselves into, some girl I knew confided in me that she would have gladly had sex with Dahvie despite being 14. If this is the influence one pedophile has left on multiple people think about how much more could be tricked into believing that this and even more horrific crimes are right. I want nothing more than for him to be brought to justice, he has gotten away with far too much and I know he could continue getting away with it if no one directly presses charges. My father had sex with my babysitter when I was 3, he was 30 and the girl was 14. My mother was so embarrassed and scared that she would be the laughing stock of the town and that we would grow up without a dad so she went with my father to the babysitters house and begged the parents not to lay charges. The girl cried while my father blamed her and claimed that she came on to him. 15 years later when I brought it up to police they told me there was nothing I could do about it. Apparently since I was not the one he had sex with I couldn’t bring him to justice. If anyone has had an experience with Dahvie like this I encourage you to bring him to court and finally give him what he deserves, YOU can stop him from claiming another victim, from scarring another girl, from being a role model for young unknowing girls. Please, you can save another girl from going through this, imagine if someone could have saved you. Be strong and I wish peace upon anyone whos been unwillingly touched by anyone.
~ thetruthaboutdahvie

The first allegation dates back to 2007, when Dahvie was investigated for an incident of forced oral sex with a 14-year-old when he was 22. The case closed after the reported victim refused to cooperate with the prosecution. He has done the same thing too numerous girls over the years, many of which have spoken out against him.

In August 2018, MetalSucks published an expose detailing specific allegations of sexual assault against Vanity by multiple women, many of whom were very underage at the time. Several of the girls described incidents when Vanity physically overpowered them, forced them to perform oral sex, and performed other acts of sexual violence, as well as described emotionally abusive behavior of blatant manipulation and grooming. That investigation also cited a 2009 arrest for sexual assault, as well as claims from former tour-mates like Jeffree Star and Ash Costello of New Year's Day that Vanity engaged in inappropriate behavior with underaged girls in their presence.

Jessi Slaughter rape and cyberbullying

Everything you said, it was a lie

We watched as the world watched you cry

~ Blood on the Dance Floor; "You Done Goofed"

One of the most infamous people Dahvie had a sexual relationship with was Damien Leonhardt (formerly known as Jessi Slaughter), who was a big fan of the group "Blood on the Dance Floor" and was only 11 years old. One day, Dahvie forced Jessi to give him blowjob. Because Jessi was underage at the time, she didn't know how to give a blowjob and hadn't had sex ed classes yet, so she had to be instructed on how to give a blowjob. Dahvie cared more about her body than her thoughts and feelings.

File:Dahvie pretends to be Jessi Slaughter's father.png
Dahvie mocking Jessi Slaughter (Jessica/Damien)'s in a parody of the famous "You Done Goofed" video.
After Jessi uploaded a video featuring her dad Gene ranting to his daughter's haters, Davhie decided to make a parody of the video featuring himself as the dad and Jayy as Jessi. Both Gene's rant and Dahvie's parody of the video went viral, causing Jessi to revive more hate. Due to the amount of cyberbullying she was receiving, Good Morning America did an interview with Jessi and her family, but only focused on the cyberbullying and completely ignored Dahvie's involvement.

Days later, Dahvie made a song based on the drama called "You Done Goofed" which was spitefully released on her 12th birthday. The song contained vulgar and horrific lyrics which made fun of Jessi, which would later cause her to attempt suicide on the same day of the song's release. The song also caused the Blood on the Dance Floor fanbase to attack Jessi as well, eventually causing her to release a fake apology on August 11th 2011 in an attempt to get the fanbase to leave her alone. Dahvie had successfully managed to keep the rape side of the story hidden from everyone, and nobody believed Jessi was telling the truth as a result.

Dahvie was successful at this for nearly ten years, but in 2020, his involvement finally got exposed. On March 25th, 2020, Chris Hansen did an interview with Jessi (now known as Damien) discussing Dahvie, and received a huge amount of support from the YouTube community, and people finally started to believe her after almost ten years. She did another interview about Dahvie's actions with the YouTuber Repzilla, and has since done numerous other interviews with other YouTubers discussing Dahvie's crimes.

Abuse towards Jayy Von Monroe

In addition to his sexual crimes, Dahvie also abused his former bandmade, Jayy Von Monroe. He denied him access to medication after being diagnosed with HIV, and forced him to preform, gave him heavy physical and emotional abuse, kept him from contacting his family, and pushed him to near starvation. Jayy quit Blood On The Dance Floor in 2016, and has since made rants against Dahvie and his actions on Twitter.


Studio Albums 

  • Epic
  • All the Rage!!
  • Evolution
  • Bad Blood
  • Bitchcraft
  • Scissors

Compilation Albums 

  • The Revolution Pack
  • Blood Unplugged
  • RIP 2006-2016


  • Epic: The Remixes
  • Clubbed to Death
  • The Anthem of the Outcast
  • Cruel Pornography


  • Money and Hoes
  • Save the Rave
  • Blood on the Dance Floor (DJ Pickee Remix)
  • S My D
  • Suicide Club
  • Siq With a Q
  • Miss Bipolar (Love Fight)
  • Looking Hot, Dangerous!
  • Horrifically Delicious
  • Success Is The Best Revenge
  • Sexting
  • Crunk Man
  • Designed to Kill
  • Inject Me Sweetly
  • Candyland
  • I'm What Dreams Are Made Of
  • Lose Control
  • You Done Goofed
  • Party On
  • Death to Your Heart!
  • My Gift & My Curse
  • P.L.U.R.
  • G.F.A
  • Bewitched
  • La Petite Morte
  • Revenge Porn!
  • The Right to Love!
  • Unforgiven
  • Rise & Shine
  • Oishi High School Battle Theme Song
  • Hell on Heels (Givin' in to Sin)
  • Don't Want to Be Like You
  • I Refuse to Sink (Fuck the Fame)
  • Something Grimm
  • Time Machine
  • We're Takin' Over!
  • Poison Apple
  • Call Me Master
  • Freaks Do It Better
  • Good Vibes Only
  • Filthy Animals
  • Battle Cry!