Bianca Byndloss

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Bianca Byndloss
Full Name: Bianca Byndloss
Alias: Marsha May
Bibi Miami
Origin: Miami, Florida, United States
Occupation: Porn star
Skills: Seduction
Hobby: Having sex with minors
Goals: Become a major star in the porn industry (ongoing)
Crimes: Statutory rape
Drug possession
Sexual battery
Lewd acts
Child abuse
Type of Villain: Charismatic Pervert

Bianca Byndloss aka screen names Marsha May[1] and Bibi Miami[2] (January 23rd, 1995[3]) is a pornstar who, at the age of 19, participated in an orgy with children.[4][2] She and two male co-defendants, both 18, all avoided being sentenced to prison time for having sex with girls aged 12, 13, and 14; the encounter was filmed.[2]


Byndloss broke into the adult industry by starting a foot fetish blog,[3] and had an active Twitter where she called herself a "porn diva".[4] She has performed for a number of major mainstream porn producers and was born in Miami, Florida.[3] In 2013 she was accused of burglary but the charge abandoned by prosecutors; she was also charged with a minor assault in January 2014 but this charge was dropped as well.[4]

In May 2014 Byndloss collected the three victims and brought them to a house in Miami.[5] There she had sex with the girls, along with Christian Hernandez and Bryan Yanes.[4] The house belonged to Hernandez.[5] The party also involved the victims drinking gin and vodka, and taking drugs.[2] Byndloss, whilst naked, posed alongside the 14-year-old who was dressed in only a bikini in a photo that was uploaded to Instagram.[2]

Video of the orgy later ended up online and Miami-Dade's sex crimes unit got involved.[4] The 13-year-old told police "Everyone pretty much had sex with everyone".[2] The trio were arrested in December 2014.[5] All three were charged with lewd and lascivious battery on a child with Byndloss and Hernandez further accused of possession of sexual performance by a child and promoting sexual performance of a child.[5]

On December 1st, 2016 Byndloss admitted reduced charges in a plea bargain that allowed her to walk free with a $754 fine and ten years of probation, with Hernandez and Yanes having previously struck similar deals also resulting in ten years of probation.[2]

Following her arrest, Byndloss said on Twitter: "I hope this doesn't interfere with my dreams but only time will tell." However, she has since expressed regret for her participation in the act.


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