Bhagavan Antle

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Bhagavan Antle
Full Name: Mahamayavi Bhagavan Antle
Alias: Kevin Antle, Doc Antle
Origin: Salinas, California, USA
Occupation: Business Man, Wildlife Park Operator
Skills: Manipulation
Tiger Breeding
Hobby: Breeding Tiger's, Exploiting young women
Goals: Profit of his schemes
Crimes: Animal Cruelty, Sexual Abuse
Type of Villain: Corrupt Wildlife Park Operator

Bhagavan Antle (Aka Dr. Antle, Kevin Antle (The Former Alias being the most common)) is a corrupt businessman notorious for abusing his animals, particularly tigers for profit. Bhagavan is a self-proclaimed conservationist who often refers to himself as "Doc" Antle because he supposedly got a natrual sciences degree at an alleged Chinese Instituted called the Chinese Science foundation. However this so-called Chinese Science foundation isn't found on the internet.



Doc Antle built his roadside zoo in Buckingham Virginia. He bought several animals for his zoo. Sometime later however, he was found guilty of neglecting his deer and peacocks and fined by the USDA as punishment.[1] However Doc Antle's criminal history doesn't end there.

According to the Netflix docuseries Tiger King, Doc Antle is also a sexual predator who lures young women into his possession by offering them jobs at his Zoo. However the women working/living conditions are poor and one of Doc Antle's former female employees had stated that Antle was an authoritarian boss.[2] He deicide how the women would spend their days without their say.

Crimes Committed