Benjamin Raymond

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Hitler did not kill enough Jews.
~ Benjamin Raymond
Benjamin Raymond
Full Name: Benjamin Kyle Raymond
Alias: Benjamin Noyles, Goyles
Occupation: Neo-Nazism, British nationalism
Skills: Creating internet hate propaganda.
Hobby: Drug dealing, modding Sonic the Hedgehog games, inciting racial hatred, and translating new Yaoi mangas.
Goals: To kill all non-whites and Jews.(Ultimately Failed)
Type of Villain: Spoiler Brat, Internet Related Villain, Jerk

Benjamin Kyle Raymond who also goes by Benjamin Noyles, Zyklon Ben, Goyles, and Benny Noyles. Raymond is an infamous Neo-Nazi activist and drug dealer who resides in Great Britain. He advocates ethnic cleansing and genocide of all non-whites who reside within Europe. He is the leader of two gangs known as National Action and The Black Bones, two violent neo-Nazi organizations. Benjamin is also the leader of the Integralist Party, which promotes abolishing democracy in the United Kingdom.

Raymond believes that white people must commit a "white jihad" against all non-whites. Despite being a white supremacist, he is a fan of Sonic the Hedgehog and Naruto. Both franchises were created by Japanese people, and he sees no hypocrisy regarding this.

Noyles has built alliances and connections with various infamous internet Neo-Nazis such as Ben Garrison and Alexander Slavros. He is an avid Stormfront user and posts as "Goyles1488".

Following his 2014 debut album, "Benny Noyles and the Hits", he is said to release his pagan-techno album "Everybody Loves Raymond". Both albums are available on Bandcamp and iTunes for £14.88.