Becky Fischer

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Becky Fischer
Full Name: Becky Fischer
Origin: Bismarck, North Dakota, United States
Occupation: Pentecostal pastor
Hobby: Preaching
Goals: Indoctrinate children into believing her brand of Christianity (ongoing)
Crimes: Child abuse
Hate speech
Type of Villain: Dark Priest

This is a generation that's gonna stand for purity and righteousness and holiness, and you're gonna serve the Lord all the days of your life. And we declare all those things over you. I believe this so much that I have given my whole life to see to it that you get there.
~ Fischer to a crowd of children in Jesus Camp.

Becky Fischer (May 31st, 1951 - ) is a controversial Pentecostal children's pastor known as one the most hated religious fanatics there is, even surpassing Fred Phelps, who in most people's opinion is one of the worst. She had hosted a charismatic, now-defunct Christian summer camp in Devils Lake, North Dakota that received much criticism about their questionable methods.

She brainwashes the children into becoming what she claimed to be "soldiers of God", saying that it is the "best moment of their life". In reality, however, she goes over-the-top in guilt-tripping children to feel more ashamed of their "sins" than what is considered necessary. She also bashes Wiccans when she made that notorious comment about the Harry Potter book series.

Perhaps the most disturbing; At the Christ Triumphant Church, she had a guest speaker bring in a cardboard cut-out of former U.S. President George W. Bush, and encouraged several attending children to reach their hands out toward it in prayer as if it were the "Lord" himself. In fact, she and her ministry see Bush as being a "holy man" and that he was "anointed with the job of creating a Christian society, not just in America but all over the world."

As seen in the documentary, Jesus Camp, her ministry looks down upon ghost stories, claiming that they "do not honor the Lord".

Fischer is also homophobic, occasionally preaching against LGBT's. Her ministry had also promoted Christian Zionism and supporting the nation of Israel.

Fischer is also very prejudiced against Catholics, Orthodox Christians, Jewish people, and Muslims.