Bakhtiar Mohammed Abdulla

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Bakhtiar Mohammed Abdulla is an Iraqi immigrant to Denmark. When he was 28 he teamed up with his girlfriend Lisa Borch, 15, to kill Borch's mother in October 2015.


Abdullah met Borch at a refugee centre close to her home in the rural town of Kvissel, Denmark. Her mother, Tine Römer Holtegaard, did not approve of the relationship. Borch and Holtegaard frequently argued over the issue, to the extent Borch's twin sister moved out.

Abdullah and Borch began planning to move to Syria and join The Islamic State.

Murder and investigation

Borch alerted emergency services, saying she heard her mother scream before a white male ran from the house. Investigators grew suspicious when she appeared unconcerned, and upon learning Holtegaard was dead, Borch simply shrugged. The body was found lying on a bed with in excess of twenty stab wounds.

Forensic examination found Abdullah's fingerprints near Holtegaard's corpse. Borch's laptop showed she had spent the evening watching Islamic State videos, culminating a few minutes before the murder with her watching British hostages David Haines and Alan Henning being beheaded.

Police were unable to identify who struck the fatal blow, but were able to find enough evidence for prosecutors to secure a murder conviction against both Borch and Abdullah. Borch was sentenced to nine years in prison. The pair will not be reunited as Abdullah is to be deported after serving thirteen years in prison.