Bahar Mustafa

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Bahar Mustafa
Full Name: Bahar Mustafa
Alias: None
Origin: UK
Occupation: Diversity officer

Digital youth outreach officer for the Cystic Fibrosis Trust (Possibly a different person with the same name)

Skills: None
Hobby: Tweeting abuse about white men
Goals: Avoid being charged (succeeded)

Escape controversy (failed)

Crimes: Hatemongering

Hate Speech

Type of Villain: Xenophobic Misandrist

Bahar Mustafa is a former diversity officer who is a major hatemonger and Radical feminist. In 2015, she ran for the position of "diversity officer" at Goldsmith's university in London, winning due to no-one else running.

She then used this position to block white male cisgender students from entering certain spaces due to concerns over racism and sexism. Apparently not seeing the irony and hypocrisy in her actions, Mustafa went on to start authorizing events that white men were not allowed to enter, drawing controversy as the university permitted these black only events but not white only events.

After an incident in which Mustafa requested on twitter that white cisgender men not attend an event the university hosted, she came under fire and deleted the tweet, stating that she "could not" be racist or sexist. She also came under fire for calling activist Tom Harris "white trash" and was forced to apologise. She later expressed support for the racist, misandrist online movement #Killallwhitemen for which she was investigated by the metropolitan police, although the charges were dropped. Mustafa was not welcomed at Goldsmith's and was forced to resign for the amount of hate she got from the student body.

In 2017, Children in Need conducted an interview with a person named Bahar Mustafa, who was working for the Cystic Fibrosis Trust, but this may have been a different person with the same name. The last Bahar Mustafa was heard of was in March 2018, when she wrote an article for The Lever in which she described herself as a Communist activist and defended Munroe Bergdorf, a transgender model who had recently been sacked from L'Oréal and expelled from the Labour Party for comments she made about white people.