William Atchison

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William Atchison
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Full Name: William Edward Vance Stone Atchison
Alias: Future mass shooter

Adam Lanza


Origin: Aztec, New Mexico
Occupation: Petrol station worker
Skills: None
Hobby: Posting on Encyclopedia Dramatica
Goals: Kill everyone in a Aztec High School classroom (failed)
Crimes: Double murder
Type of Villain: School Shooter

Work sucks, school sucks, life sucks. I just want out of this shit.
~ Atchison's suicide note

William Edward Atchison (March 18, 1996 - December 7, 2017) was a Encyclopedia Dramatica user responsible for the 2017 Aztec High School shooting. He killed two students before committing suicide.

Before the event

William Atchison was born on the eighteenth of March 1996. He went to Aztec High School but grew to hate it after failing to graduate. His life was spent working at a petrol station and using far-right sites such as Encyclopedia Dramatica under usernames like "Future Mass Shooter" and "Adam Lanza". He also chatted with people on Steam, including mass shooter David Sonboly. Although he had no criminal record, he was investigated by the FBI after asking internet users where he could find cheap assault rifles for a mass shooting, though all charges were dropped. Before he committed the shooting, he wrote a suicide note.


On December 7 2017 Atchison entered Aztec High School disguised as a student. When he arrived on the top floor, he opened fire in the toilet and hallway with a 9mm Glock 19, killing students Casey Marquez and Francisco Fernandez. He then discovered a classroom that substitute teacher Katie Potter had barricaded herself and seventeen students inside with a piece of furniture. Although Atchison was able to fire several shots into the room, he was unable to enter and shot himself. Police later found a schedule for the shooting in his home.