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A political cartoon depicting authoritarianism.
In Chile a leaf does not move without my knowing it.
~ Augusto Pinochet

Authoritarianism is the belief which supports that the rulers should have unrestricted power. "Authoritarianism" is a derogatory term, umbrella term and controversial term.

Authoritarianism government

Authoritarianism government has frequently taken manipulative and restrictive actions such as censorship and propaganda. Authoritarianism government has high intolerance to criticism of promoted narrative and policies while denying, deflecting and discrediting such comments.


There are notable criticisms of the usage of "authoritarianism".

In certain "authoritarianism countries", "authoritarianism" is criticized to be the negative label against their political system while arguing that the label discredits labeled target's attempts to defense.

"Cultural difference" is a notable defense of authoritarianism. It suggests that authoritarianism is supported by certain culture and therefore should be respected. Asian countries holds such view.



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