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Austin Jones
Full Name: Austin Jefferson Jones
Alias: Austin Jones
Origin: Bloomingdale, Illinois
Occupation: Musician (formerly), YouTuber (formerly).
Skills: Singing
Hobby: Making music
Looking at underage girls
Goals: Encourage his underage girls to send sexually explicit videos to him.
Crimes: Possession of Child Pornography
Distribution of Child Pornography
Type of Villain: Manipulative Pervert

I have to see your butthole to know for sure you care 100%.
~ Austin Jones

Austin Jefferson Jones (Born December 12, 1992 -) was an American musician from YouTube. He earned 547,000+ subscribers before he was terminated. He qualifies as a villain, due for his perverted ways. Mainly for his possession of Child Pornography various inappropriate behaviors around younger fans. He was found guilty on February 1, 2019 and confirmed to be sentenced on May 3rd, 2019.

His Tactics (2015)

Fans of Austin Jones were pressured into making videos of themselves doing sexually suggestive activities. If they refused to do so, Jones would manipulate them by telling them that they were not big fans then. He would ask the young fans to say their name and say the age of their buttocks. He wanted them to clap their buttocks for 30 seconds.

Furthermore, he told a fan that their buttocks were not giving him an erection. The fan then said that wearing no underwear seemed like a good idea. He happily agreed to this. He wanted this fan to show the edges of her anus through her wedgie, claiming that it would have been funny. At that point, he was demanding that she take her underwear off, saying that it would look much better. He also requested that the fan spread her buttocks, further revealing her anus to the camera. He wanted even more. He asked her to bring her buttocks closer to the camera. He then requested that she "flex her anus".

He had asked a girl to twerk. The girl had told him that she did not know how to twerk. He sent them a video in which he demonstrated the act of twerking. This video was put onto twitter by the individual before it reached him. Jones begged for the individual to delete the video. However, they refused. He later came out with an apology video.

A channel called "Aurora Skies" posted a video on Austin Jones, with the person showing evidence of Austin Jones messaging her on Twitter. The female was only 14 years old at the time. At first, Austin seemed like a nice individual, but that behavior later started to vanish. He suddenly asked the individual to make a video of her twerking and send it to him. The individual denied this request. Jones then proceeded to ignore the girl's messages but later apologized, only because he had been exposed by other members who had worked alongside him.

This video made by his victim is important because it shows the manipulative tactics used by Jones on his big fans. Jones used numerous tactics to get minors to send him inappropriate videos. His tactics worked because the minors would continue to try and please him. He used one girl's young age to make it seem like she was lucky.

Being Caught

Austin Jones was finally caught for having child pornography. He was sentenced to 10 years in prison.