Augusta Fullam and Harry Clark

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Augusta Fullam and Harry Clark
Full Name: Augusta Fairfield Fullam

Henry William Lovell Clark

Goals: Kill their partners and get married
Crimes: Murder

Augusta Fairfield Fullam and Dr Henry William Lovell Clark were lovers who conspired to kill Harry's wife and Augusta's husband so they could get married.

Augusta Fullam

Fullam was a British Raj housewife who was born in England in 1876. She went to live in India and married Lieutenant Edward Fullam. However, in 1911 she began having an affair with Clark after meeting him at a ball. That very year, Clark and Fullam decided to kill Augusta's husband.

Harry Clark

Harry Clark was a surgeon who lived in Agra in India. He married a woman named Louisa and had a daughter named Maud. In 1911 he met Augusta Fullam at a ball and began an affair. Shortly afterwards, the two of them decided to kill Louisa Clark and Augusta's husband Edward.

Crime and Exposure

Having settled on a plan to kill Edward Fullam with arsenic, Clark and Fullam began administering poison to Edward daily. However, Augusta Fullam wrote in multiple letters to Clark that the arsenic powder she gave Edward in his tea every day was not working. On Friday 16th June 1911, a massive dose of arsenic finally managed to make Edward Fullam fall ill, however he still survived. Eventually Augusta finally made Edward fall seriously ill and Clark administered a final dose in the form of an injection. As a surgeon, Clark signed the death certificate to read that the cause of death was heatstroke, the symptoms of which are similar to those of arsenic poisoning.

Having killed Edward Fullam, Clark and Fullam hired four men to kill Louisa Clark. In November 1912 the assassins broke into the Clark's home and hacked her to death. Although Fullam provided Clark with an alibi, a search of Fullam's home revealed a box containing hundreds of letters Clark and Fullam had written to each other detailing how they had killed Fullam's husband. Both of them were convicted of the double murder and Clark was hanged in March 1913. As Fullam was pregnant and had testified against Clark, she was sentenced to life in prison. She died of heatstroke in 1914, having served fifteen months in prison.