Asif Hanif

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Asif Mohammed Hanif was a British Muslim and member of the UK-based Militant Islam group Al-Muhajiroun who was responsible for the Mike's Place suicide bombing, which was ordered by Hamas and the Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigade.

Mike's Place suicide bombing

On 30th April 2003, Hanif approached Mike's Place, a bar in the Israel city of Tel Aviv wearing a suicide bombing. Security guard Avi Tabib saw Hanif and attempted to block him from entering just before Hanif detonated the bomb, injuring Tabib but saving many lives. The bombing killed Hanif, Ran Baron, Dominique Caroline Hass and Yanai Weiss. Immediately afterwards, Hanif's accomplice Omar Sharif attempted to detonate a second suicide vest, but it failed to go off and Sharif escaped, later being found drowned a month later.