Ashley Auzenne

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Ashley Auzenne (March 3, 1980 - October 28, 2019) was a villainess who murdered her three children as part of a mass murder-suicide in 2019.

Details revealed that Ashley and her husband, Murvin Auzenne, Jr., had been married for just over a decade, resulting in the births of their three children: Parrish, Eleanor, and Lincoln. The couple divorced in 2019, and it was finalized in late October, but just a week later on October 28, Ashley turned heel and shot her three children to death. Afterwards, the evil Ashley committed suicide by shooting herself, and it was on the following morning (October 29) that the bodies of Ashley and her children, who were aged 11 (Parrish), 9 (Eleanor), and 7 (Lincoln) at the time of their deaths, were found during a welfare check. The investigation into the deaths was concluded on Thursday (October 31), and it was officially ruled as a mass murder-suicide committed by Ashley.