Asghar Borujerdi

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Asghar Borujerdi
Full Name: Ali Asghar Borujerdi
Alias: Asghar the Murderer
Origin: Iran
Crimes: Rape
Serial murder

Ali Asghar Borujerdi (Persian: علی‌اصغر بروجردی‎), also known as اصغر قاتل (Asghar-e Ghatellit. 'Asghar the Murderer'; 1893 – 26 June 1934) was the first Iranian serial killer and rapist reported in the 20th century.

Moving to Iraq as a child with his family, he started assaulting, raping, and later murdering, adolescent boys in Baghdad when he was fourteen years old. Escaping back to Iran in 1933, he continued his murders in Tehran where he was eventually arrested and executed. Asghar-e Ghatel was convicted for raping and killing 33 young adults, eight in Tehran and the rest in Baghdad.