Arwyn Cellan Thomas

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The way in which you abused these children was simply monstrous, and I choose my words carefully. You systematically and cynically started to sexually abuse them. The similar ages of your victims points to, in my view, a sexual interest of a particular age. Your sexual abuse stopped at around the same ages.
There was an escalation in what you did. You behaved in a quite awful fashion . . . and your victims’ lives have been so badly affected.
You chose to contest these matters and that of course is your right, but it meant your victims had to contest these matters publicly in court. There is, what’s more, not a shred of remorse for the way you have blighted their lives.
You have no previous convictions for this type of offence, but not only did I see no show of remorse, but I saw an anger [when they gave evidence].
I believe there is a substantial risk in the future as a man as devious and controlling as you.
~ Judge Paul Thomas sentencing him.

Arwyn Cellan Thomas is a Welsh man serving prison time for the Child Abuse and Child Sexual Abuse of his daughter Chantelle Tilley.


Arwyn brutally abused Chantelle, violently raping her many times and subjecting her to "Victorian" punishments such as beating her with his belt, burning her mouth with chili sauce, forcing her into freezing cold baths and starving her. Social services checked up on him many times, but he always managed to conceal his abuse from them, and his control over Chantelle prevented her from telling anyone about his crimes. It was also later revealed that he had sexually abused other children. However, Chantelle was eventually moved away from him on the grounds of parental neglect. She later reported Arwyn's abuse to social services, causing him to be arrested. He was ultimately convicted of one count of indecent assault, six counts of sexually assaulting a minor, three counts of raping a minor and one count of assault by penetration and sentenced to 22 years in prison in October 2018.