Arthur Gary Bishop

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Arthur Gary Bishop
Full Name: Arthur Gary Bishop
Alias: Lynn Jones
Roger W. Downs
Origin: Hinckley, Utah, United States
Occupation: Bookkeeper

Mormon missionary

Skills: Superficial charm
Hobby: Sexually abusing, raping and murdering young boys
Goals: Get away with his murders (failed)
Crimes: Child sexual abuse
False impersonation
Parole violation
Type of Villain: Serial Killer

Arthur Gary Bishop (September 29th, 1952 - June 10th, 1988) was an American serial killer, kidnapper, child molester, rapist and child murderer who had a span of murders from 1979 to 1983. He raped and murdered 5 young boys to fulfil his masturbatory fantasies.


He murdered 5 young boys as a "homosexual pedophile" in his own words. He pretended to feel remorse and was arrested in 1983. He began murdering at the age of 1979, when he was 27. He began raping young boys and killing them by either bludgeoning, drowning or shooting them.

Arrest and Murder

He was arrested in 1983 when he was investigated under the alias "Roger W. Downs" and he confessed to all five murders in a I-am-talking-about-what-I-ate-yesterday manner. He later professed remorse for his crimes and when the prosecutor began, "Do you want death or life?", he replied by saying, "Give me lethal injection."