Art Schlichter

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Art Schlichter (April 25th, 1960 - ) is a former National Football League quarterback. He also played for the Ohio State University during his college years.

During his time at OSU, he started gambling and became addicted to it. He would soon take the gambling addiction with him to the Baltimore/Indianapolis Colts, and lose nearly a half million dollars over it in his rookie season with the Colts. During the 1983 off-season, he was suspended for gambling, making him the first player at the time to be suspended for gambling since Paul Hornung and Alex Karras in 1963. It would continue well after his release during the 1985 season. He would attempt to make comebacks in other leagues, then finally retiring after 1992.

Nearly a year later, the Federal Bureau of Investigation raided his house in 1994 over money that he stole. This would cause his wife at the time to leave him.

In an eleven year span, he amassed roughly twenty felonies. During a prison sentence in 2004, he admitted to stealing $1.5 million in jail, likely from his gambling woes.

Recently, he was arrested in 2011 for fraud in which he stole $1 million dollars. During a house arrest term from that sentence, he tested positive for cocaine. He is currently serving a near eleven-year jail sentence for the fraud and testing positive for cocaine.