Aronas Greisas

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Aronas Greisas was MGB (Soviet Security) Chief. Chief Lieutenant Aronas Greisas, who did not attend the engagement party and thus avoided death, soon was punished for his atrocities and mockery. 1947 On February 24th, accompanied by an auto-armed MGB leuitenant, he came to Marijampole Gymnasium and took the gymnast Bronius Petrauskas. Bronius asked to be allowed to come home to leave the bag with books and put on warmer clothes. Leaving the machine-gun armed lieutenant guarding the door, Aronas Greisas went inside with boy. Bronius, pullingon his coat,tried to pull out his pistol, but when he noticed, Greisas took the young man by the hand.During the fighting two shots were fired and an officer of Soviet reppresive structures was killed. The MGB lieutenant-machine-gunner on duty at the door was convinced that an xperienced chekist,A.Greisas, had shot the young men and searched his home.Meanwhile, Bronius grabbed the enemy's pistol and openened the door with both weapons at once.Unable to use his machine gun, the MGB lieutenant fled. Bronius Petrauskas-Sarunas, a reserve partisan of the Vytenis platoon, who escorted the fugitive with a few more shots,succesfully retired to the Lithuanian partisans.